The selection of a new organ for any church is a daunting task. There will be subjectivity in terms of individual taste, likes and dislikes. There is little that will be perceived as objective. Subjectivity may get in the way of progress, but nothing could be more destructive than acting hastily without proper deliberations.

The most important task of any committee is to select an instrument that they desire to take ownership of and can stand behind. Ultimately they can pass that ownership on to the whole congregation.  Since the organist is the one who will use the instrument to set the spirit of the liturgy, that person must find ownership in a willingness to use it to share their talent. The organ is a tool of the trade for that person.  The organ will need to inspire the organist so that the organist can inspire the whole congregation.

Another person who needs to take ownership is the business person who will need to deal with stewardship aspect of your purchase. All the commercial organ builders produce an array of models and features. Discerning which advertising claims apply and which ones don't is not readily apparent.

Remember, the organ you are about to purchase will be around for a long time, either drawing people to your liturgies or driving them away.

I am presenting a different approach on this website, one which will fit into your budget and offer more musical diversity than any manufacturer I know of.  Imagine having an instrument capable of sounding like many different organs built by the best and most revered organ builders around the world.  Imagine an instrument that plays back all the detail and design of those instruments with ease and beauty. To have the Laurenskirk organ in a church is very exciting.  The Hauptwerk System has hundreds of organs available, including a harpsichord and other keyboard instruments, playable from the organ's console.  These instruments are meticulously sampled, every pipe and note, with great detail and beauty.  All of these details are contained in the sample set.  The design of the instrument is also inherent in the samples and doesn't need to recreate with computer algorithms.  The computer plays back the samples on the best sound system available for this type of organ.

Please work your way through the website in order, listening to the examples and reading the resources that are links on the web pages.

Patrick Lane -- Organ Consultant

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